Tuesday, October 28, 2014

American Detained At Border For 'Anti-Gay Mischief'

By the way, "anti-gay mischief" is being defined as running an organization that seeks to tell the truth about the radical homosexual political agenda...

(WND) An American activist scheduled for trial in Canada this week on charges of "mischief" for providing information about homosexuality has been detained at the border on the way to his court appearance.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, said on his website Tuesday he was stopped while entering the country late Monday. The trial is set to begin Thursday, but now he must show up for another hearing Tuesday in Regina, Saskatchewan, for “further examination” of his “admissibility” into Canada.

He said Calgary Border Services agents confiscated a DVD copy of a new Russian documentary called “Sodom” as potential “hate propaganda” in violation of a Canadian law.

"Despite my two-and-a-half hour detainment in Calgary, agents ordered me to attend another hearing (Tuesday) with immigration officials," he said. "Nevertheless, Border Services agents told me that I would be able to attend my ‘mischief’ trial in Regina on Thursday and that I am ‘innocent until proven guilty’ under Canadian law."

LaBarbera said that as an American, "it is remarkable how far official political correctness – enforced and encouraged by sometimes fanatical left-wing activists and abetted by an anti-conservative media – has not only shut down conservative speech in Canada but succeeded in punishing people who run afoul of various liberal ideologies – not limited to pro-homosexualism."

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  1. If they keep electing progressives/socialists in this country we can expect the same thing. The progressives will continue to stack federal courts with Constitution hating judges who will rule that anti homosexual material is not covered under the 1st amendment, and eventuslly they will say the same thing about the Bible. Good luck America, if the fool keep voting in anti constitution politians kiss your freedoms goodbye. Canada and the scandavian countries are prime examples. They have forgotten what he nazis did to Germany, and they are starting to act like them......


Posted By: Chris Carmouche