Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Video] Watch The Liar-In-Chief Lie... In His Own Words

How can you tell if Barack Obama is lying? Answer: His lips are moving. If the following video was not so disgusting, it would be funny...


  1. Another lying DEMOCRAT

  2. Don't tell me, who's decision was it, Barack Hussein Obama? Let' see, is it one of those other Presidents?? No, it has to be one of those trick question, which leads right back to the one who is blaming someone else, Oh that is you Mr. President, your trying to trick us again. Well, it will not work this time, America has finally caught on to your pointing of the fingers, and now the Ball is in your court, and the monkey is on your back, so put on your big boy pants, and except the dumb decisions you make, because when you don't, it makes you the BIGGEST IDIOT America has ever had as President, and the whole world is laughing at you, and that, Mr. President, is embarrassing to ALL America.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche