Thursday, September 18, 2014

In Spite Of Court Rulings, Washington D.C. Still Trying To Ban Handguns

The courts have ruled Washington D.C.'s handgun ban unconstitutional, but that's not stopping the ruling elites of the District of Columbia from infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

(AP) Residents of the nation's capital will be able to get licenses to carry concealed handguns outside the home, but only after they provide a specific reason for needing one, officials said Wednesday.

Mayor Vincent Gray and other city officials said they plan to propose legislation that would make the District of Columbia similar to a half-dozen states, including Maryland, where residents can be denied a concealed-carry permit if they can't show a need for one. The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Maryland's law last year.

In July, a federal judge struck down the District's ban on carrying handguns outside the home. The judge put his ruling on hold to give the city time to rewrite its gun laws.

The District is seeking to let the police chief decide whether people have a reason to carry a concealed firearm, and officials said living in a high-crime neighborhood would not be a sufficient reason to obtain a permit. People who've received death threats or have been the victims of domestic violence are among those who could be granted permits.

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