Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Video] FEMA Anticipating Major Disaster... Up To 200 Million Deaths In U.S.?

The southern border of the United States has never been safer. There is no credible threat from terrorists. And, the government has everything under control. That’s the narrative being disseminated to the masses and it’s being done in such a way that anyone who disagrees is labeled a racist, an alarmist, or an anti-government extremist... but this retired border agent is blowing the lid off of that narrative and claims that our "border crisis" is a controlled event designed to shape the perceptions of the American people. But more importantly, it is being used to facilitate "a widespread national crisis."


  1. The "major disaster" is going to be the extreme weather caused by climate change. Drout out west, flooding in the east and mid west. This will destroy our ability to grow food for our nation and what we have been selling and giving to the rest of the world.

    Forget who it was , but a military man once said he would have no problem standing against an army, but he never wanted to face a hungry mob, for hungry people will rip you apart and eat you.

    We are soon going to be facing that hungry mob, and they will eat us alive.

    We must take decisive action to greatly reduce the amount of C02 we put into the air, or it is going to be the tool of our destruction.

    1. And after you have ruined the U.S. economy with your phony crusade, how will you get all the other counties in the world to go along? Pure Progressive, One-World bullshit.

    2. Great... Another global warming nut. You don't know what you're talking about. There's no science to back this up. In fact, the undisputable scientific fact is that the world is cooling and the sheet ice in Antarctica is thickening and is thicker than it ever has been! It's true that we may run out of food but it won't be because of climate change. We're a long way from cannibalism so get a grip! Don't you know that CO2 is a natural element in the air? It's a natural byproduct of green plants and trees and without it we wouldn't be able to breathe!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche