Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Radical Leftist Group Targets Christians... Death Threats Received

The so-called Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is publishing Wanted Posters of prominent Christian leaders and the campaign of intimidation is producing death threats against those targeted.

(MRC) HRC has used this report in a social media campaign that celebrities and politicians are sharing on Twitter. For the past week, the HRC has tweeted out mugshots of their targets, labelled with the word "Hate" in bold font. NCIS actress Pauley Perrette has tweeted out support for the group, as well as Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and Colorado Senator Mark Udall.

The media is on board too. Yahoo! News reported on the story Sept. 15, seemingly having no criticism of the report and referring to the people listed in the report as "anti-gay." Jason Rahlan, communications director for HRC, told Yahoo news reporter Liz Goodwin, "Our primary focus is naming and shaming."

Among those on the list were Independent candidate for governor of Massachusetts Pastor Scott Lively, Christian radio host and Townhall columnist Michael Brown, Liberty University Law School dean and talk radio host Mat Staver, Christian conservative blogger Matt Barber, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, Concerned Women for America's Janice Shaw Crouse, Benjamin Bull of the conservative Christian law group, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Jordan Sekulow of another conservative Christian litigation group, American Center for Law and Justice among many other smaller Christian and conservative groups and professors.

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  1. There are very few human rights groups that are true human rights groups, most support humans right only of those that meet their progressive, liberal sicialist views. HRC heads the Raducl groups, they are no better that the ACLU who will only represent, with rare a effecting, those prople and groups who lean left. If you are conservative in your beliefs msny human rights, civil rights and legit lesning law groups will not even consider you. If you are not a minority they like they could care less if you ate treated badly, that includes whites, asians and any Africa American who is conservative, and God forbid if you are a pro-life Woman. Most Human Rights group do a very poor job

  2. Here we go again with the Fox News (NOT) war on christmas elephant crap again.

    The only war on christmas is the one in Fox News (NOT)s demented mind. There is no war on christmas. Many of us do not like the fact that the fundamentalist christians want to force it down our throats. Your religion, in your home and church, but not in the public square, and not in my face.

    1. FOX news is only reporting the story so get over your hatred for a news station. Homosexual activists (HRC) would not mind one bit if a person who disagrees with their perverted lifestyle was knocked off. Remember you lefties complaining about Palin for her "targeting" comments before the Gabby Giffords shooting? Well, it goes both ways bubba.

    2. Maybe it's time you to apologize to God. Christians are not up in your face with religion. But vendors and marketers are. Christians will spread the truth of God. It's up to you to either accept this or not. We aren't going to hide. We aren't going away. We will be here when you are dead and gone. Give your soul to Jesus today while you still have the chance. Just ask and he will receive you. Until you ask you are food for the worm.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche