Monday, September 15, 2014

Ouch! 115,000 Set To Lose ObamaCare Coverage

The Obama administration announced Monday that 115,000 people are scheduled to lose their Obamacare coverage at the end of the month because officials could not verify their citizenship or immigration status.

(Washington Examiner) "To date, 115,000 individuals with citizenship and immigration data matching issues have not responded to our numerous contacts and will be receiving notices saying their last day of federal marketplace coverage is Sept 30. Those who submit information that confirms their eligibility after the deadline may be eligible for a special enrollment period to enroll in coverage," said the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

"If they have not sent us their documentation, we ask them to do so," added CMS Principal Deputy Administrator Andy Slavitt in a briefing with reporters. "If people are willing to pay their premiums, and they’re eligible for coverage, they’ll continue to get coverage."

In late May, the Obama administration reported issues verifying citizenship or immigration data for nearly 1 million people. Senior administration officials said that 88 percent of those cases are now "closed or in progress."

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