Friday, August 1, 2014

Pentagon Official: Obama A Direct Danger To The United States

A new report comes to the not-so-shocking conclusion that the United States is in "serious danger" as a direct result of Barack Hussein Obama's policies.

(Daily Caller) Joseph Miller is the pen name for a ranking Department of Defense official with a background in U.S. special operations and combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has worked in strategic planning.

The report is in, and the review of the president’s foreign policy is clear: If there is not an immediate course-reversal, the United States is in serious danger.

In 2013, the United States Institute for Peace, "a congressionally-created, independent, nonpartisan institution whose mission is to prevent, mitigate, and resolve violent conflicts around the world," was asked to assist the National Defense Panel with reviewing the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). The National Defense Panel is a congressional-mandated bipartisan commission that’s co-chairs were appointed by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

On July 31, the National Defense Panel released its long-awaited report on the effects of the QDR and delivered its findings to Congress. The panel pulled no punches — its findings were a scathing indictment of Obama’s foreign policy, national security policy, and defense policy. The panel found that president Barack Obama’s QDR, military force reductions, and trillion-dollar defense budget cuts are dangerous — and will leave the country in a position where it is unable to respond to threats to our nation’s security. This, the panel concluded, must be reversed as soon as possible.

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  1. Obama is not the person making decisions about anything. Ever notice when a crisis arises, he is off playing golf, taking off for a vacation, campaigning for Democrats, etc., at the American taxpayers' expense. I truly believe that he is not capable of making any major decisions. He only talks a "good line", which-the majority of the time-is written by someone else.

    1. No, he's not...he doesn't do a thing before he talks with Valerie Jarrett....and soros. And his 'marriage' is a sham, as well....*yes, written by someone else and then put on a teleprompter for cryin' out loud. No one in existence like that A-hole....unless it's Satan ! haha...

  2. I only wish we had had someone like Obama as president insetead of Baby Bush and his side kick Dirty Dick Cheney from 2000 to we2008.

    If we had some one like Obama, we would not have been in Iraq, and we could have destroyed Alquida in about 2 years. We would not have wased over a trillion dollars and killed over 6000 of our young people in a useless war (assault).

    The writer is nothing more than a right wing war monger. He should not be in our military.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche