Friday, August 1, 2014

Abortion Has Cost U.S. Over $16 Trillion In Federal Revenue

Be sure to forward this story to your "economic conservative" friends who dismiss the "social issues." This formal liberal activist has published a study which indicates that abortion has cost the United States an amount of money that is almost equal to our national debt.

(CharismaNews) Mark Olson, a former liberal activist, has published research demonstrating the devastating economic impact abortion-on-demand has had on the American economy. Olson's research finds that more than $16 trillion in federal revenue, roughly the size of our national debt, has been lost due to abortion.

"The figure of 55 million persons aborted, typically reported by pro-life groups, is a significant undercount," says Olson, a pro-life political consultant. "Abortions did not magically begin occurring in 1973 [when the Supreme Court allowed them], yet that is when everyone starts counting."

Using widely accepted pre-Roe v. Wade estimates, Olson's research additionally accounts for the compounding nature of population by including the generations of offspring that would have been born to those persons otherwise aborted. The result: The United States has suffered a population loss of over 125 million persons due to abortion.

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  1. The American taxpayers should not have to and don't want to pay for abortions, unless it is a life and death situation.
    If females are too ignorant to take birth control pills to prevent pregancies, which can be obtained free of charge from any public health facility, then they should have a tubal ligation done or abstain from having sex.

  2. First the above comment.
    The American taxpayers do NOT pay for abortions. The right wing loons in congress will not allow it.
    It should be covered the same as any other medical procedure.

    As to the perported "loss", the writer is insane.

    125million more people would have cost fare more. It would have greatly added to the level of pollution and environmental destruction as well.

    What we really need is about 123million fewer people not 123 million more.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche