Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amnesty Protesters Desecrate American Flag

The media ripped into patriotic Americans for blocking buses filled with illegal aliens from coming into their town, but the media didn't tell you what the pro-Amnesty counter protesters did to the American flag.

(Godfather Politics) Amnesty supporters burned a U.S. flag and tore and impaled flags on fences during their protest. Anti-illegal immigration activist Bonnie Lewis told Breitbart News that she confronted one amnesty demonstrator as he dragged a flag on the ground, and he said, "That's where it belongs."

On Tuesday, a group of Murrieta residents turned back a convoy of buses filled with illegal aliens that the feds were just going to dump at a waystation, process and release into the town.

On Friday, while the nation celebrated its independence from a tyrannical government that took advantage of citizens and suppressed their rights, the federal government once again bused in a throng of illegals they planned to inflict on the town. This time, residents were met with the pro-amnesty counter-demonstration, which included people dressed up in Aztec garb shouting, "White supremacists out!" and "F*** America!"

This is the Left's agenda in full display. Americans are to be belittled, trampled upon and ultimately destroyed, in favor of people who idolize a barbarian culture that used to murder and cannibalize people by the hundreds and whose descendants now embrace a Marxist-infused political outlook that calls for killing whites and stealing huge swaths of American territory, all so the Democratic Party can secure power for generations to come.

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  1. i wish I was there , when this neophyte, nefarious ,Neanderthal, he and I would have a conversation to discuss his I. q. or, the lack there of

  2. A real Democrat and Republican wouldn't sell their homeland to get elected, those Dinos, Rinos lead by a Pino (whatever is name) must be from other planet or a Country! What a sick bunch.

  3. IF we're such a racist and greedy and MEAN country - why are they sneaking in?????

  4. La Rosa seems to have gotten a real foothold during Obamas administration. Why can't folks see what is happening. If you live here you should respect the flag even if you don't like the administration. We better start hoarding folks food, ammo medicines and hide them well. !! This is scarey

  5. These people have forgotten their own history. It was Spain who came and conquered the Aztecs and Incas, not people from the United States. At that time the only people living here were native Americans who came here over the land bridge so there has never been a race who originated here. How screwed up can people get?? Also, when a country goes to war and wins, then it is those people who lost that have to live with those consequences. If the Mexican people would look at their own President and their government and point their fingers at who is to be blamed, it is not us. Look to your own government and demand change and demand much needed improvements in your own country and stop lusting after ours!

  6. Throw the bums out! NO AMNESTY !!

    1. Get rid of the bastards.No Anmesty,period

  7. The illegal don’t appreciate what this country has done and doing for them.
    The majority are ignorant and illiterate.

  8. Mexico’s economy depends of this country.
    Millions of Mexicans send billions of dollars to their relatives every month.
    Without it Mexico’s economy is gone.

  9. I believe there is a conspiracy between Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador;
    Mexico allows all those people to use their territory without stopping them , the other countries dumping their undesirable.

  10. If these illegal immigrants want to become American citizens, they have to follow the established laws, learn the English language, follow how laws, culture, etc.. We will not conform to their language, culture, laws. If that is what they want, then should remain in their countries of origin.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche