Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Video] Bikers Planning To Ride Into Mexico To Free Former-Marine Andrew Tahmooressi

A group of bikers in Arizona are organizing a ride to the border to try and free jailed U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi.


  1. Maybe Obama will join them on his Golf Cart beings he hasn't got anything else to do.The world is so calm and relaxing.

  2. That sounds about much for not leaving an American behind....since those militants were release for Bergdahl, all h*ll has broken loose....I can't imagine how families who have lost or had family members wounded in Iraq feel as a result of the stupidest government in history.....check this to WHY BENGHAZI IS IMPORTANT

  3. This president has done so much damage to our country already and for those stupids who still support him, go to hell! His main motive is to destroy our country. Bill Clinton for the first time made a very good comment about Obama being the worst President ever. God bless us all Americans! Lita Biejo

  4. I hope they don't. Then we will have a marine and a bunch of bikers in jail.

    1. Gini, so you think Americans should sit quietly and do nothing? These bikers are brave Patriots who are sick of the injustice. More power to them! I support them 100%.

  5. Ostupidio is a sick sadistic bastard along with his husband


Posted By: Chris Carmouche