Saturday, June 14, 2014

Democrat Proposing Legislation To Punish Coca-Cola

Pepsi is probably in cross-hairs too because this Democratic Congresswoman is working on federal legislation that is designed to go after drinks that she finds to be "ruthlessly efficient bioweapon(s)" and "unfit for regular human consumption."

(WCJ) Connecticut Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro recently announced her intention to propose a federal tax on those who choose to consume any sugary product she deems objectionable.

She confirmed she is "working on legislation right now to tax sugar-sweetened drinks, like sodas, in a way that reflects the serious damage they are doing to our health."

She made the announcement during the recent 'National Soda Summit,' which was coordinated by the far-left Center For Science In The Public Interest. Last year, the organization issued a press release in which it described sodas as a "ruthlessly efficient bioweapon" it deemed "unfit for regular human consumption."

DeLauro apparently agrees, citing what seems to be an irrelevant link between soda prices and the consumer cost of other foods.

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    1. I've seen her picture and the term "Fugly" comes to mind.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche