Friday, June 6, 2014

Released Taliban Commander Vows To Rejoin Hostilities Against American Soldiers

It didn't take long and we shouldn't be shocked but this Taliban Commander, who was released in exchange for the deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, is already vowing to kill our brave men and women in uniform.

(National Review) Noorullah Noori, one of the five Taliban leaders released from Guantanamo Bay in the Bergdahl swap, has promised to resume the fight against America in Afghanistan, a relative and fellow Taliban member said.

A Taliban commander told NBC News ​that, after arriving in Qatar, Noori "kept insisting he would go to Afghanistan and fight American forces there."

The freed prisoners are to remain under control of the government of Qatar for one year, with strict bans on militant activities and a one-year ban on traveling outside the country. The U.S. has provided written assurances that if the five live peacefully, no country will arrest them during this year.

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