Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teenager Held Against Will In Abortion Facility

When this 15 year old girl started having second thoughts about the abortion, the clinic workers locked her in the room. Frightened, the girl allegedly had to text a prolife friend who then called the police. Talk about "hard sell" tactics...

(Life News) A teenager went through a harrowing ordeal at an abortion clinic on May 16, according to well-known pro-life activist Abby Johnson.

"She asked to see her ultrasound and the clinic absolutely refused. She decided then that they were obviously not interested in helping her and told them that she wanted to leave. They would not allow her to leave the room she was in and locked the door. Her mom started freaking out in the waiting room demanding to see her daughter. At that point, her mother was removed from the facility."

"It was at this point that she started texting me and the prolifer she has been working with. Both of us called the police and they arrived shortly. Cheryl, the local (and amazing) prolifer drove to the clinic and the young girl was released in her custody for the weekend. The clinic where this girl was being held is the same one who is opening a 'birth center' inside the abortion facility."

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  1. The people at the abortion clinic are not being charged with kidnapping?

  2. At the very least charged with Kidnapping....

  3. no kidnapping or unlawful restraint charges ? WTH?

  4. In my State, this would be an unlawful imprisonment charge.

  5. Funny, my first reaction was to say as a smart ass remark, she must have changed her mind, they weren't going to let that girl leave with that baby intact, better off dead they think...then I realized that it really happened!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche