Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ted Cruz Holds Secret Meeting

Call it a "pow-wow" ... call it a "rap sessions," ... Senator Ted Cruz and a number of  unnamed fellow "agitators" met behind closed doors to discuss strategy on a number of issues.

(ALPAC) Sen. Ted Cruz held a secret meeting Tuesday night with several House conservatives to discuss stopping House GOP leaders’ plans to pass immigration reform as well as other issues:

Sen. Ted Cruz gathered a group of House conservatives in his office Tuesday night, talking about immigration and House GOP leadership elections slated for after the midterm elections.

As CQ Roll Call first reported last October, Cruz held a secret meeting with members at Tortilla Coast during the height of the government shutdown drama. Many of these same Republicans are the agitators who aren’t happy with Speaker John A. Boehner.

The Texas Republican gathered roughly 10 members of the GOP Conference at 8 p.m. Tuesday for a 90-minute session that included candy bars, crackers and soda. Cruz’s office would not give further details, calling the pow-wow a "private meeting."

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