Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rand Paul Still Waffling On His Support Of Obama Voter Fraud

The New York Times praised Rand Paul for his support of Obama Voter Fraud but now the head of Paul's PAC is saying the quotes were "taken out of context" and that whether or not Obama voter fraud is allowed to happen should be an issue best left up to the states.

It doesn't sound much better but in a town where nuance, double-speak and tepidly walking statements back are the rule and not the exception, perhaps Team Paul believes that the "correction" is somehow reassuring to voters. Perhaps... perhaps not... but WND, it would appear, is willing to give the darling of the Libertarian wing of the GOP the benefit of the (for want of a better word) doubt.

(WND) The head of Sen. Rand Paul’s political action committee charges the New York Times misconstrued the Kentucky Republican’s comments about voter ID and refused to publish a statement of correction.

The Times report said the senator had broken with fellow Republicans over voter ID.

However, in a statement delivered to WND, Doug Stafford, Paul’s former chief of staff who now leads his political action committee, said the quote was taken out of context.

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  1. Those that oppose laws that require voters to provide photo IDs are either grossly naïve of voter fraud or in favor of it.

    I am 76 years old, got my first job and my Social Security card at 14 and have worked continuously since, with a few periods of unemployment. However, I never filed for unemployment benefits. I am still working at a 6 day a week job.

    I registered to vote on my 21st birthday and have never missed a vote. Anyone who says they cannot afford a photo ID is patently a liar or so disinterested in being politically informed and in the voting process as to care less. With that attitude we can only be thankful that they do not vote.

    1. Bruce, it is not just the ID thing. It is all the hoops, expenses, and inconvenience that were deliberately built into the various state laws that is the problem.

      In many cases they only take the voter ID. They will not take drivers license, they will not take student IDs. They limit the hours and locations that the IDs are available.

      Texas, because they are afraid they have pissed off the women, has added a requirement that the name on the ID and the pole book must be identical. As Texas uses the MAIDEN name as the middle name, and many women use their given middle name, the name on the license and the voter id book do not match. Other states have done equally absurd things.

      This is blatant voter suppression.

  2. I am a freedom loving American and support those who support the people and have some common sense. I am sorry to see the very media that rallied when Rand filibustered give in and feed what we all know is a miss quote as he stated on live TV Fox news 4/13/2014. But what's really disturbing is the constant fund raising emails with headlines that try to frighten people. The lid is blown off with Benghazi and like a house of cards it's going to all fall down and all associated will receive the just rewards. Yes there is a ton of clean up to do and hopefully every executive order the fake president signed will be reversed or invalidated. The IRS has to go 100% and be replaced with a flat national tax, no more paperwork for a free people. I have been self employed and created about 40 local jobs over the past 30 years. I am not a republican or democrat but part of the 65% of Americans that know we need a 3rd party Let's do this without the hype or fear mongering.

  3. The only people who oppose checking the IDs of voters are those who want the Democrats to win - any way, any how. It's as simple as that.

    1. Because the teatards are making it difficult and inconvenient to get the IDs.

      This is deliberate voter suppression, which is a bigger fraud than a few unidentified voters casting a vote.

  4. The requirement for an ID is one thing, but the way most states are going about the process, it is obvious that the intent is to block access to the ballot of people of color. Texas is even going about the process in such a way that it will block women form being able to vote.

    The whole voter ID thing is one massive case of VOTER FRAUD perpetrated by the states involved.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche