Thursday, May 15, 2014

Breaking: GOP Leaders Just Vowed To Stab Conservative Voters In The Back

We couldn't believe it when we read it either but it would appear that Republicans are so sure that they'll gain a majority in the Senate that they're no longer even bothering to lie and are saying straight up that they're going to stab conservatives in the back if they take a majority in the Senate in November.

(The Hill) Senate Republicans say they'll try to pass immigration reform legislation in the next two years if they take back the Senate in November.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a central member of the coalition that passed a comprehensive reform bill in the Senate last year, said he would craft a better legislative approach if Republicans control the upper chamber in 2015.

That would give his party a chance to pass immigration legislation before the presidential election, when Hispanic voters will be crucial to winning the White House.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who is poised to take over as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said he will vote to pass immigration legislation in the next Congress if Republicans ascend to the majority.

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  1. Apparently the Repub establishment believes if they stick their noses far enough up the butts of their PERCEIVED hispanic constituents they'll get elected. That may happen, but the hispanics who vote for them will deep six them in a second due to the contempt in which they will hold these panderers.

  2. This is indeed another example of Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. Misreading the 2012 election results as somehow representing a failure of the GOP to support immigration "reform" (read: amnesty) is playing right into the Dems' hands.
    Having fallen for that widely spouted canard, the simple-minded current GOP "leaders" are now scurrying about seeing if they can "out-amnesty" the Democrats.
    If they do pass such a law, the Republican "leadership" will succeed in 1. Helping the Democrat/liberal agenda tremendously by creating about 15 million new voters, 99% of whom will vote Democrat. And 2. Incur enormous new costs for the illegals, the vast majority of whom are of low socio-economic and educational status. That would include welfare, education, housing, food stamps, social services, more police and prisons, etc., etc.
    and 3. Alienate severely the party's core supporters, nearly all of whom feel that amnesty is very wrong on several levels.

    What part of this doesn't the Republican "leadership" get?.

  3. Well looks like we have to get rid of ALL of them and start from the ground up with new terms. One being term limits on Congress and no more voting in their pay raises either. We will decide if and when they get a raise.

  4. It's tragically comical that people think of the Republican party as the "conservative" party. They are only "more conservative" than the Democrats but are otherwise the same. The goal of both parties is to be in control and thus have the best office space and the most influence In DC along with garnering the better campaign donations. Other than that they want to grow the government (though more slowly that the Democrats) and increase their power, just like the Democrats.

    Things will not improve until we get rid of the Democrats vs Republicans dynamic in Washington. Where is it written that we must have a "two-party system"? And where is it written that these two parties must be the Democrats and Republicans? And where is it written what each of these two parties must represent and fight for?

    The two big parties have created this "system" for themselves and use it to maintain a stranglehold on the whole county. The people's business and their interests play second fiddle to this nonsense.

    We need non-partisan primaries and partisan-free final elections. Put the needs of the country first and foremost.

    1. Dems and Repubs are nothing less than Pigs, eating out of the same taxpayer trough. And the conservative producers of this country are struggling to continue buying the Pig Feed

    2. I agree 100% with anonymous. And my name is Paul Robbins of Wisconsin...And anonymous who wrote the above article is dead nuts on...Politicians put themselves first in everything and not the country. It should be country first......and always.

  5. The Constitutional American Spring, is about to roll on into Washington D.C.(Expected 10-30 Million) Not only are they calling for impeachments of well known and obvious Dems, they want Boehner and McConnell gone as well. I(Republican) couldn't agree more!.. The deaf leaderless heads , is why we are where we are in this country!

  6. For the life of me, I don't understand why both parties are pushing so hard for some form of "immigration reform" which to me seems to be nothing more than varying degrees of amnesty.

    The way I see it, there is no immigration problem other than a lack of enforcement. Is this nothing more than the politicians trying to buy votes from Latinos? Are U.S. employers pushing for this so they can get cheaper labor? I seriously don't get this whole charade. If someone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

  7. Looks like the establishment wants to continue to drive the stake further into the heart of the party. This complete political suicide and insanity.
    We already have immigration laws, how about just enforcing those before trying to "fix" it again?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche