Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busted: The GOP House Leaders Who Conspire With The Radical Left

If you want the names and the details, keep reading. But be forewarned, you might be shocked not only by the number of so-called Republicans who are actually playing for the other team but by some of the names in the list of this shameful cast of characters...

It will cost $5,000 per plate to attend a fundraiser that is being held by a far left-wing group that masquerades as a "Republican organization" and receives massive funding from organizations affiliated with George Soros, Big Labor and the radical left, but that's not stopping House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and two dozen other House Republicans from breaking rather expensive bread with them.

"Main Street Advocacy," the organization that is hosting the event at the Ritz-Carlton in swanky Amelia Island, Florida is an offshoot of an organization that is very ironically named the "Republican Main Street Partnership."

But don't let the name "Republican Main Street Partnership" fool you into thinking that these folks are just run-of-the-mill RINOs or garden variety liberal Republicans. This organization is funded by a literal Who's Who of the radical left and apparently has its claws deeply embedded in the flesh of the GOP House Leadership.

Cantor is not the only GOP leader who is slated to appear at the high-dollar event. Kevin McCarthy is on the list too and Speaker of the House John Boehner was originally slated to attend as well before having a sudden and mysterious change of heart.

According to the Daily Caller, "Boehner was in preliminary talks to join fellow House members at a $5,000-a-head event," but said he would not be attending due to "schedule conflicts," and we suspect it is no coincidence that the scheduling conflicts came to light after the media reported that he would be in attendance.

Can you say "busted" boys and girls. We thought you could.

NewsMax is taking a kinder and gentler approach and is reporting that the fundraiser is an "anti-tea party event," but such statements merely scratch the surface and the origins of this group go far back, long before the Tea Party movement came into existence.

Almost a decade ago, the legal counsel for one of "Republican Main Street Partnership's" spawn organizations, the Main Street Individual Fund, threatened to sue this author (along with Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and several others) for daring to report that the group had received a very large contribution from George Soros.

The rather clumsy attempt at intimidation by the group's legal counsel, which came in the form of a rather laughable demand letter, clearly implied that the accusation was libelous. Of course, the only problem with the contention from the Main Street Individual Fund's attorney was that the statement was 100% accurate.

George Soros did indeed make a $50,000.00 personal contribution to the organization around the time it was founded in 2002 and, according to Michelle Malkin, a six-figure contribution was forthcoming during the 2004 election cycle, but when the press caught wind of the large donation, the Main Street Individual Fund returned the money.

Get it? ... since the Main Street Individual Fund gave the money back well after it became known that they accepted the money, it was a libelous fabrication to contend that Soros gave them the money in the first place.

Of course, such attempts to silence conservative voices who speak the truth is no shocker. The "Republican Main Street Partnership" and its various incarnations and affiliates have tried to brand themselves for years as "centrists," but even self respecting RINOs may find these folks to be far too extreme.

When you consider their long history of soliciting big-money from the radical left and the fact that they have a long history of collaboration with the radical left... well, as my mother used to say, "if you lie with dogs, you will get fleas."

Erik Erickson put the organization's true mission in its proper perspective: "The group claims to be conservative and to support Republicans, but it is funded by the left. Next weekend, he [Former Congressman Steve LaTourette who presently heads "Main Street Advocacy"] is luring [top] Republicans in the House of Representatives and twenty-five others to the Ritz in Amelia Island to shake hands and collaborate with the very donors intent on defeating not just conservatives, but Republicans." [Emphasis Mine]

LaTourette, told the press that his goal is to challenge Tea Party organizations who "have decided to systematically go against the center-right Republicans in Primary elections."

LaTourette adds: "Here's the deal — we didn't start this fight, but I'm going to finish it."

Hogwash, these folks were on the scene spreading their political mischief from within the Republican Party long before the Tea Party movement even came into being. They're "reacting" to nothing and it would be far more accurate to say that the Tea Party movement — if anything — is a reaction to them.

By the way, other members of "Main Street Advocacy's" parent group, the "Republican Main Street Partnership," include Senators John McCain (why are we not shocked), Susan Collins and Mark Kirk.

And some of the names of the other members - approximately 50 in total - may shock you. We encourage you to go to the "Republican Main Street Partnership" website  and see who they are for yourself.

Our only question is: Why are Cantor and other Republican leaders still attending this event after being "outed?"

Whatever the answer, it's clear — at least in this author's mind — exactly why Republican leaders, as of late, push issues like Amnesty and refuse to seriously challenge the radical Obama Regime at every turn.

Perhaps it's long past time to clean house.


  1. There's nothing new and astounding here. I was expecting a longer list of GOP traitors, but no one seems to put them together. Conservatives need to be advised who they are!

    1. Yes! I agree!

    2. Excuse me, if you read the article well, you'll see a link to the Republican Main Street Partnership website which lists names.

    3. I just posted all 56 names to FB. Everyone can pick out those from their State and start to do a campaign against them. Find someone in your District that is a TEAPARTY candidate and push for them to unseat these people. That's the only way we will see change from the "GOOD OL' BOY (GIRL)" system we now have running our country.

    4. Where did you post the names on FB? Or can you give a link to the names?

  2. No surprise here the usual squishes. Wish they could be gotten rid of in the primaries but that won't happen. The real concern are the Senators, we have a big enough majority in the house but in the Senate that is a different story.

  3. These names MUST be placed in every election ad. so people will know where their Congressman really stands.
    I am totally shocked! Not at McCain as I believe he has gone quite insane but all those younger people? What is their excuse?
    Everyone knows Soros is the evil spirit behind the breakdown of the US. If they do not know it is about time they did.
    Advertise. advertis, adverise!

  4. Identify the Liberal Republicans and Self-Serving Politicians, then vote them out of office ASAP!!!

  5. What a bunch of hypocrites. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Soros is an evil man who with Teresa Heinz (Kerry) operate the Tides Foundation. a charity which does such things as give money to assist gay Muslim men who might have been harrassed after 9/11. Like that's a really important problem. And I agree that McCain has gone quite insane.

  6. Why are people continually surprised by "RINOs" and other "liberal" Republican politicians? Show me where it says that the Republican party is, must, or even should be the conservative party?

    There are no rules. Political parties are not mentioned in our founding documents. The current so-called "two-party system" is a construct of the political parties themselves and they use it to maintain power and control.

    I'll concede that liberals tend to go Democrat and conservatives tend to go Republican but that means nothing. There are no rules; it is all a sham to control the voters.

    We're not going anywhere positive until we dump the two-party system and switch to a no-party system with non-partisan primaries and a rule that forbids anybody from being declared the winner of a political election without achieving 50% of the votes for that office. And yes, that would ultimately require some system of multiple ballots in some cases until a final choice between only two candidates is arrived at.

    Things will not get better until the strangle hold the political parties currently enjoy over our elections is broken. They currently control who becomes their nominees, and in the rare cases when the "wrong" person becomes the nominee they withhold support and work behind the scenes to get the other party's candidate into the winner's circle. The only difference between the Republicans and Democrats is one of degree.

  7. Ready.......Aim.......

  8. RINOs. No wonder the GOP can't get its act together, with so many turncoats among its league. In the 1980s it was the Democraps. Now it's the Republicans.

  9. Unfortunately this event and this reaction are symptomatic of the deep splits within the GOP which will continue to be the main obstacle to Republican success in national elections.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche