Monday, March 31, 2014

Breaking: Putin Planning To Move Against Finland, Belarus And The Baltic States?

A former member of Vladimir Putin's inner circle is telling the European press that it's just not the Ukraine that is in jeopardy. According this very credible insider, Putin is already planning to take Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland.

(The Independent UK) After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has "conquered" Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland, one of his closest former advisers has said.

According to Andrej Illarionov, the President’s chief economic adviser from 2000 to 2005, Mr Putin seeks to create "historical justice" with a return to the days of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Mr Illarionov warned that Russia will argue that the granting of independence to Finland in 1917 was an act of "treason against national interests".

"Putin’s view is that he protects what belongs to him and his predecessors," Mr Illarionov said.

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  1. So how is oblamer doing, anyway?

  2. Contrary to the reported facts, there are no unusual massing of Russian Troops along the border of Ukraine. Indeed, Russian Military activity along the joint border is about as normal as it has been for years. Granted, sporadic arguments may very well occur, but to say that Russian Troops are being placed strategically for an invasion is stretching the truth. In the USA, we have troops along the Canadian and the Mexican border and we have a Coast Guard actively engaged in protecting our coastline. does that mean we are preparing to invade Canada and Mexico? Likewise, we have some 35,000 GI's along the North/South Korean Border and have had them there for some 60 years. Are we planning to invade N. Korea? The point here is to try to get people to differentiate between fact and fantasy or fiction. Both the MSM and this Administration will do whatever they deem is required to instill fear into the hearts, minds and souls of the world, especially the American people, of which many are beyond gullible and unable to consider reason before gossip.

    1. Anonymous, you're eyeballs are probably brown because you're full of it! You can't explain why Putin amassed 60,000 troops on Ukkraine's border in a period of 3 weeks if he wasn't up to an invasion. There is no comparison between our border defenses and what's happening in Crimea where Putin has brought in over 2000 armored tanks in a few days and no telling what other armor e.g. missles and launchers, maybe even nuclear armed missles. Why would he do all of that if he wasn't planning an invasion in the immediate future. And, you can bet that BHO isn't going to do anything about Putin and his aggression. He is a total coward just rattling his sabre.

    2. Obama just came with his BRE LINE answer
      The Oval Office Fraud is in so far over his head......this's spmething like seding a Cub Scout into the ring with Ali

  3. The Internationalist Bankers/Businessmen are just trying to create a "Hitler" like image for Putin, so the uninformed will line up to "hate" him. It has happened several times before. The US did it with the Japanese in the late thirties, and the Zionists did it with Hitler. It seems to work, as there are so many suckers just waiting for somebody to blame.

  4. What drugs is the writer of this article taking. I do not want to get near any of it.

  5. A story goes that the European elite wishes the Russians to take over. The Russians have the wealth and resources. Plus the Russians won't put up with the presents nanny-state, Muslims, homosexuals, and roving gangs of blacks. Would be nice if someone like that invaded D. C.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche