Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[Video] Gun Owners Burn Registration Cards

Watch as hundreds of gun owners gather in a fiery act of civil disobedience aimed at gun-grabbing lawmakers.


  1. That is a fine example of doing things the "American way"-it recalls the Patriots who organized the original Boston Tea Party and other resistance to British tyranny. American citizens are not required to comply with unconstitutional laws, and public servants are not required to obey unlawful orders. This ridiculous law and the state's attempt to enforce it fit both categories. If EVERYONE affected by this plainly illegal legislation would simply refuse to comply, even that moron Cuomo would have to back down, simply because there aren't enough jails in the state to hold such a large group of so-called "lawbreakers". It's called "civil disobedience", it worked for Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, and it will work again. This is precisely the kind of non-violent resistance that has been proven effective many times in the past.

  2. Their guns should be conficated.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche