Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IRS Worker Takes Home Personal Info On 20,000 People

Nope... not a smidgen of corruption here...

(CNS News) An Internal Revenue Service employee took home personal information on about 20,000 IRS workers, former workers and contractors, putting the data at risk for public release, the agency said Tuesday.

The employee took home a computer thumb drive containing names, Social Security numbers and addresses of the workers, and plugged the drive into an unsecure home network, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said in an email to employees.

"At this point, we have no direct evidence to indicate this personal information has been used for identity theft or other inappropriate uses," the IRS said in a statement.

Koskinen said the incident did not involve any taxpayer information. The IRS said the potential breach was an isolated incident.

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  1. just another reason to get rid of the unconstitutional entity we call the IRS who steals from us in broad daylight

    1. Not to mention getting rid of the unconstitutional entity we call the President, who does the same thing in broad daylight.

  2. And did this agent get to keep her job? What the hell is going on at the IRS? Please, it is bad enough that they have targeted "Enemies" of Obama, but could there be any more of a breach than the agent taking them all home with him/ her? The IRS has become one useless organizations! Enough with them. Get rid of the IRS which is illegal to begin with!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche