Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tea Party Write-In Candidate Trounces GOP Establishment Candidate

Did you see that Karl Rove? You can spin it six ways to Sunday but the handwriting is on the wall and you and your 'Republicrat' buddies will find yourself on the losing side.

(Washington Examiner) Republican state Senate nominee Ron Miller may think differently this morning because he just lost a special election to a write-in Tea Party candidate, Scott Wagner.

"With 100 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night, write-in votes totaled 10,595, or 47.7 percent, to Miller's 5,920, or 26.6 percent. Democrat Linda Small of New Freedom nearly edged out Miller with 5,704 votes, for 25.7 percent," according to the York Dispatch.

Republicrats lose one

Pennsylvania is a place where it can sometimes be difficult to tell the Democrats from the Republicans, at least at the state level.

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    You think you're so SMART... HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! LOSER!!!! AND THE TEA PARTY WILL ROLL ON!!!!

  2. karl rove and mitch mconell fear tea party because they want gov. to live by the constition.That would expose there criminal actions.

  3. that's funny...from a state that produced precincts that voted 100 percent for Obama ...yeah right!

    1. Nathan, if you think there were precincts that voted 100 % for Obummer you are either naive or dumb or a closet rino.That is nearly a distinct impossibility, or more likely a total fraud.

  4. The Tea Party is the heretofore 'Silent Majority' having awakened!

  5. I don't care who it is, Right wing or someone else. We have to get rid of those Socialist or Communist what ever they are. We need help. The part I can't understand is. Every Politician as far as I know is sworn in to protect & abide by the Constitution of the United States. Why is this not enough to impeach or prosecute all of them or execute them? They are traitors. No political prisons, Be in there with the bad boys in Leavenworth, Kansas. Where they belong. Personally I wouldn't even use a new rope.

  6. I worked in, Pennsylvania with the real people there, You can not judge them. They hate Obama. It was Pittsburgh & Philadelphia with the, Electoral votes that got that. They love their guns & freedom to in the country. We have to do away with the electoral votes. They are obsolete. It has to be the, Vote of the People. That is what what was intended to be in the first place. Fight, America, Fight. Or we are going to loose everything.

  7. Progressives in both partys are supporting a global , non nationalist form, of control of the free people in the entire world.

    May we the people see this, and understand the threat it presents to our country and way of life.

    Never support a progressive, in any way. Do this, and things will start to turn around.

  8. Talk,talk,talk! That's all I ever hear, see and read. I hear all about the Constitution and Founding Fathers. It's time to put up or shut up. The politicians aren't going to do it. That's why they're politicians. They're sales people. Think back to the last used car you bought.

    Are YOU in?

    "If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of it's experienced patriots to prevent it's ruin." Samuel Adams

    I'm IN!!

  9. Karl Rove is a Traitor!!!..Just ask Valorie Playne...... Image a boycott list of Fox News sponsor everytime he's on...


Posted By: Chris Carmouche