Wednesday, March 19, 2014

He'd Rather Vomit Than Listen To Karl Rove

Kevin "Coach" Collins' implication that he'd rather force himself to vomit than listen to anything Karl Rove has to say just about sums up how a growing number of conservatives feel these days... we give him an "Atta-Boy" for this offering.

(Western Journalism) Almost before the last bit of confetti fluttered to the floor at David Jolly’s victory party last Tuesday night, Rove was leading the GOP establishment’s charge to “caution against thinking he won because of Obamacare.”

Despite Democrat Alex Sink’s support of the mess Barack Obama made of our once great healthcare delivery system Rove was unable, or more to the point unwilling, to acknowledge she doomed herself by talking about “repair not repeal.”

Sink brought many tangible advantages into the campaign to fill a vacant Congressional seat, but Jolly won largely by sticking to the message: "Don’t fix Obamacare; repeal it." Nevertheless, the simple truth is that except for support of Obamacare, this seat was Sink's to lose.

Obama won the district in both 2008 and 2012. Sink won the district when she ran for statewide office twice, including just four years ago during her run for governor. This race was tagged as a "Democrat must win" by both sides precisely because it would be a proving ground for the lies Democrats could tell about Obamacare and their position on it during the coming mid-term election campaign.

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