Sunday, February 9, 2014

Senator Chuck Schumer's Faux Amnesty 'Compromise'

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is one slippery fish. He's proposing a so-called Amnesty "compromise" that basically says: Give us three years to amnesty as many illegal aliens as possible and we'll pass any law the Republican Congress wants as long as it doesn't take effect until Barack Obama leaves office. Of course, the way Schumer explains it, it sounds like he's actually offering a compromise....

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(Daily Caller) If they can wait 3 years...: If Republicans don’t trust President Obama’s implementation of an immigration law, suggests Sen. Schumer,, why not a compromise that postpones the effective date until after Obama leaves office?

"Let’s enact a law this year, but simply not let it actually start till 2017, after President Obama’s term is over."

I assume Schumer’s talking about delaying the amnesty parts of "reform," not the enforcement parts. But if today’s illegal immigrants can wait three years for their instant work permits, why can’t they wait five--until the essential enforcement mechanisms like E-verify, a border fence and a visa tracking system are not only in place but have survived the inevitable ACLU-style assault in the courts? Then we wouldn’t have to trust Obama or the next president. The legalization wouldn’t happen unless and until the enforcement happened.

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  1. Frack you schumer

  2. Even ny should be ashamed of this a-hole. The people in his district must be extremely retarded (my apologies to retarded people).


Posted By: Chris Carmouche