Sunday, February 9, 2014

Obama Regime Continues To Pursue Notre Dame

When it comes to forcing Catholic and other religious institutions to comply with ObamaCare abortion mandates, the Obama Regime refuses to relent...

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(LifeNews) The Obama administration is not content to force Obamacare on the nation but it’s also not going to relent when it comes to religious businesses, schools and organizations that want to opt out of complying with the HHS mandate, that compels them to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs.

The Obama administration is fighting the University of Notre Dame’s request for a reprieve from complying with the HHS mandate and filed papers on Tuesday with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals opposing the Catholic university’s attempt to get out from under it.

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  1. I would say to obozo go frack yourself monkey

    1. Yeah, but I'm still very disappointed this "once-great" institution GAVE Obummer an honorary degree when the usurper stole the election the first time!

  2. This once Roman Catholic Institution better start acting like one. Obama, Chief of all the immortal gods on Olympus has pointed out that they no longer behave as Catholics. After all if you are so weak in your Faith and so disloyal to your Savior that you must remove any image of his suffering and crucifixion from any room where a Muslim or Athiest happens to enter lest they be overwhelmed with aversion at the mere sight of it, you can hardly wave the flag of Roman Catholicism. They need to be heartily ashamed of their past behavior and get with the program. This Pope is a Jesuit and Jesuits have in many cases have decided Marx and Engels, Mao and Political correctness is a far better ideology than anything our Savior could offer. If they cannot keep to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church as taught to us all
    before the fiasco of Vatican II then let them live without the tax exemption they now own as a religious entity. They can't have it both ways.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche