Monday, January 20, 2014

ObamaCare Report: Most Enrollees Already Had Insurance

Some signed up for more expensive ObamaCare policies because their coverage was cancelled. Others made the switch in anticipation of receiving a huge government subsidy, but either way you slice, ObamaCare is failing when it comes to its stated goal of providing coverage to those who previous had no insurance.

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(Daily Caller) Is the Affordable Care Act only affordable for people who already have health insurance?

Halfway through Obamacare’s open enrollment period, insurers, brokers and healthcare consultants are finding that the vast majority of Obamacare enrollees already had health insurance before switching to the exchange, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Some of them may have had their individual policies cancelled by Obamacare. Others may have seen their employers drop their insurance. And still more may have found taxpayer subsidies attractive. But whatever the reason, most enrollees so far already had insurance before Obamacare was even launched.

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