Monday, January 20, 2014

Founder Of Radical 'Republican' Homosexual Group Leaves The GOP

Wonder of wonders... shocker of shockers. This co-founder of the radical organization GOProud, which sought to infiltrate the Republican Party and the conservative movement, has announced that he's leaving the GOP and that the GOP is going to live to regret it.

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(WND) The founder of the most prominent organization seeking to tie conservatism to the homosexual agenda announced this week he is leaving the Republican Party because it embraces Big Government and continues to tolerate "bigotry" within the party toward homosexuals, the latter of which he says will prevent the GOP from ever winning another national election.

Jimmy LaSalvia told WND he founded GOProud with the intention of proving that homosexuals were welcome in the Republican Party. He is no longer affiliated with the group but said he now believes the future of that cause and the party in general is hopeless.

"In 2014, demonizing gay people and opposition to homosexuality is just not OK. We’ve determined that that’s not OK in society, but it’s OK in one place in America, and that’s ultimately what’s going to bring them down," said LaSalvia, who explained that he did not arrive at this decision lightly.

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  1. The military was forced to get rid of dont ask dont tell, i think the Congress and the Senate, plus any other government employees ought to be forced to do the same. Tired of seeing these Jack in the Box politician surprises.

  2. Who really cares what you homosexuals like? You ought to be put on the next tramp steamer--along with the 'Obummer,' and dropped off somewhere past Indonesia.

    1. I am living in the Philippines. Please don't drop them so close. How about Antarctica?

    2. No! No! We mustn't alienate the penguins! Send them to France!

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche