Saturday, November 9, 2013

Who's Making Big Bucks Off Of Food Stamps?

It's not the poor or those who engage in welfare fraud... the answer to the question posed above may shock you...

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(WND) J.P. Morgan Electronic Financial Services is the country's single biggest food stamp services provider, and at the same time is giving increasingly large donations to the very politicians in charge of the food stamp program.

This common incestuous relationship, along with the food stamp chaos recently seen across the country, highlights the corruption of America’s "ruling class," charges Boston University professor emeritus and bestselling author Angelo Codevilla.

Fifteen percent of the American population – a record high 47 million Americans – uses food stamps. That is 52 percent greater than the number of food stamp users in 2009.

As the Government Accountability Institute reports, "Every month [J.P. Morgan] is paid a fee for each individual enrolled in the [food stamp] program."

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  1. Will it never end? Sadly, the rich just keep getting richer off of the poor. I do not say that against rich people who came by their money honestly, but against the politicians who live high on the hog stealing and abusing our tax dollars.

  2. There is a solution: FairTax! It is a system that mandates the repeal of the 16th Amendment (IRS); it also eliminates all other Fed taxes, substituting a Sales tax on NEW goods, only. It provides a 'prebate' of $220+/mo per head/household; PLUS matching funds to spouse; PLUS $75+/mo per dependent child within that home. Soc Security is also not taxed...the system will lower prices in the marketplace, as hidden taxes vanish.

  3. One more thought: FairTax is HR-25 (Ways/Means committee) to be voted on within 60 days: Please contact your Reps & Senators, urging them to pass this means money in your pocket, & the freedom that comes with it. (Politicians don't like their power/money getting away, so be polite, but insistent!) After all, they work for you!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche