Saturday, November 9, 2013

Did Black Panthers Intimidate Virginia Voters At The Polls?

The accusations have not yet been verified but according to National Report, Black Panther intimidation at the polls in Virginia were not the only irregularities reported in statewide races in Virginia last week.

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(National Report) In 13 districts, multiple instances of intimidation at the polls were reported. Large black men wearing traditional Black Panther garb were reported lingering around polling places approaching older voters asking questions about who they intended on voting for.

In Loudoun and Fairfax counties (traditional Democratic strongholds), election officials withheld submitting voter data in order to get an idea of whether to count absentee ballots or not.

In an audit of the voter registration information, it quickly became apparent that MULTIPLE votes were cast by people who were either deceased or had long ago moved out of the district.

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  1. Real Elections are over, the destruction continues unabated! Reform election laws for paper ballots ONLY, with PHOTO ID!

  2. I absolutely agree we must go back to the paper ballots. Barrack Obama would not be president right now if we had had honest elections, especially the second time around. So much reported voter fraud, yet no one in positions of authority does anything about it!

  3. The writer is totally out in the woods.
    The black panthers are not involved in Virginia.
    Totally stupid article


Posted By: Chris Carmouche