Monday, November 25, 2013

[Video] Spartan Warrior Calls For The Impeachment Of Barack Obama

It's obviously a homemade video, and it's obvious that the person who posted it is no fan of the movement to Impeach Obama. Moreover, we doubt that Spartan warriors wore gym shorts... still we could resist sharing it...

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  1. The video is kinda dumb, but the idea holds true. The media and other critics can't say this is a nut job TEA party person, the KKK, or a radical right wing religious group. This is just an American with his own brand of message of enough is enough.

  2. I agree with the message. I think the horse is unhappy. Just not sure if is unhappy with Obama of the fat dude on his back.

  3. I hope there are more people out there that are waking up and seeing what our government is doing to us. We have to get rid of all the thieves and leirs that are supposed to be working for us tax payers. Or teach them a lesson


Posted By: Chris Carmouche