Monday, November 25, 2013

Is Separation Of Church And State Real?

Some despise it, some praise it, but most don't pay attention to the real value of what it means to separate the powers of church and state.

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One possibly good reason is that the U.S. has always lived under the assumption that the established reasoning was working. It has worked since the birth of this nation and hundreds of thousands came to this new land especially to enjoy the freedom that the separation of these powers offered them.

But beware, there are hidden dangers in the pie in the sky solution that seemed like a cornucopia for many. Observe the loss of freedom daily as told in the nightly news and what may have worked to the people's favor for centuries is now crumbling faster than any, a few years ago, could have foretold.

In the name of civil rights, another idea that may have its heyday now but fall short in the long run, basic enjoyments of the founder's religion - Christianity - are under attack.

Prayer, the pledge of allegiance, the mention of 'under God' in the Gettysburg address are all making some nervous because they all suggest that America has a religion.

The dissension that brought many to these shores was not over whether Christ lived and died as the Bible stated but how that religion was to be understood.

It was the small details that were being debated not the overlying belief in Christianity itself. Today that is no longer true. Today it becomes imperative that each of us must search deep into the basic tenets of that religion.

We need scholars to research and verify truths that may have been overlooked or hidden in plain view. Often that is the best place to hide facts. We need spiritual soldiers to find what needs to be found so that we can stand pure and clean in front of our Savior and that he can acknowledge us as his own.

America does have a religion but it has become splintered - and splintered more than any of us know.

None can assume that they have ALL the answers. My search has shown that we must go back to the days of Adam to truly find what has been lost. That will surprise many but will also heal the fractured beliefs that presently are floating around that are somewhat true but not true enough to win the final prize.

I want that prize but I realize that I have to rid my mind of man's thinking and accept the truths from the ancient ones if I want true wisdom and redemption. American needs both - now is not the time to become feeble but the time to dig in and search for truth as never before.

The clock is ticking and it waits for no man - not one. In the olden days, there was no such thing as separation of church and state. The King of Israel ruled in the spiritual and the secular realms. How can one separate their life, work, thoughts, and actions and be a whole, content, and happy individual under God?

It was never meant to be. Jesus says give me your all - not give me your little. This whole debate needs to reach to a new level - one that may well be near impossible to achieve.

Yet that remains the goal despite the difficulty, the impossibility, the challenge. In the end, true Christianity must come back into it's own. I am deeply humbled at the magnitude of work ahead to meet the demand put upon the world today. But I am equally resolved to try as best to my ability to at least begin the task.

God is God of all of our minutes - he can not be separated and this nation must learn that basic of truths if it is to survive.

It's really that simple. Unity of belief is the only way anything survives. History shows that time and time again - it's now our turn to participate in the search that establishes the everlasting peace so sought after by all true believers.

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  1. You need to check on the founders beliefs. Most were Deist, several were atheist, only a few were christian.

    1. Comment Below is for You

    2. You need to check your facts Anon. The "Our Founders Were Deists" fallacy is a Wives Tale. Most were not only members of their respective churches but were also Elders within their churches. If you have any doubt, read their writings.

  2. You are a bald faced Liar , must be related to your father Satan and Obama.

  3. But they all held to the Judeo-Christian morality and expressed their admiration for the Bible.  On Sept. 11, 1777, Congress appropriated money to import 20,000 Bibles, since the type and paper to print them here were not available. In Sept. 1782, a private printer published the first American edition, because war had made importation from England impossible. It was checked, approved, and recommended to the citizens by the U.S. Con-gress. In June 1787, Benjamin Franklin recommended a clergyman open each session with prayer, still being done today.
    Church services were regularly held in the Supreme Court’s quarters. The current Supreme Court building has a frieze depicting the two tablets of the Ten Commandments. The founders recognized and stated that our form of government would only work in a religious society.

    1. In fact, the FIRST act of congress was to hold a prayer meeting.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche