Thursday, October 3, 2013

[Video] Walid Shoebat Claims Obama Member Of Muslim Brotherhood

It's a shocking and disturbing accusation but Walid Shoebat, a credible expert on radical Islam, claims that our own government is actively collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. Of course, he has collaborated with our enemies. He is not hiding it.

  2. It is obvious that just about everything that the "acting" president
    does fits the Muslim mold.

  3. I certainly believe this as some of the items about Malik I have already seen in print before. But the Imposter's attitude to Christians in the USA and his welcoming of the muslims has shown where his
    support lies. And now, declaring November as a Muslim month to understand them??/
    I have a Coptic Catholic friend from egypt who had to escape and was delighted when Morsi was overthrown by the army. He told me the Egyptians trust the army as they have always been friends of the people. Obama supported and still does, Morsi and his Brotherhood. As I understand it,money still flows to the rebels there AND in Syria. Assad allows all other religions to live in safety. The rebels are the ones burning down the churches, just recently a 4th century beauty in North Syria with priceless icons, irreplaceable. all destroyed.
    This unvetted Imposter in my book is NOT an American and hates us, espcially if we are white. But has done little to help the real African Americans of this one upon a time, great nation.
    It is just too sad and I wonder when this will be over???

    1. When Jesus comes back! We will suffer before as the
      Early Christians did. I feel it

  4. This president and his Czars and other Chicago Hoods are trying to make America into a third world country.
    WAKE UP AMERICA, and kick them out !!

  5. Obama is a traitor to America. He is attempting to usher in an Islamic caliphate into our country by speeding up Muslim immigration; by allowing the building of thousands of local mosques and preventing them from being monitored; by promoting Muslim Student Associations on U.S. universities and colleges to intimidate or convert our impressionable and idealistic youth; by campaigning against state bills that promote American laws for American courts; by campaigning for Muslim candidates; by promoting the illusion of Islamic contributions to mankind and celebrating a month dedicated to this; by favoring a UN global blasphemy law; by emphasizing and celebrating Muslim holidays; encouraging Islamic organizations to infiltrate schools, communities, political offices and demand specific religious accommodations...and stop American awareness of the dangers facing them from the intolerance of this ideology and confusing the public on who the enemy is. Added to this national strategy is his international strategy to isolate Israel and favor the Palestinians and other terrorist groups. Stupid voters...look what you have allowed to happen...Obama, if not stopped, could take us back to the 7th Century...far worse than a third world country.

  6. I have a recent Egyptian Friend, who is a Coptic Christian, & you know what is happening to them in Egypt. They were telling me over a month ago About The President's Brother, Malik Obama, that Malik is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but not just Malik, but also the President, he too is a Muslim Brotherhood Member, and it is a well Known fact in Egypt, and talked about constantly. This is why Obama is fighting hard to get Morsi back in the President's seat in Egypt. I have been waiting for someone to start this conversation, and now that it has started, we need to press in to start demanding our congress & Senate to investigate this, because this is High Treason, and if he is guilty, Obama needs to go to prison, and stay there.

  7. Ever wonder why his records are SEALED? HEllo?

  8. Are you serious? Obama is a Muslim, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and this is what the Egyptians are telling you! Is everyone braindead? Hello? Anyone home? Lights are on but no one is home to do anything about this! He is destroying our nation! He is taking control of it by force for the Muslim Brotherhood!!!!! Hello? How much proof do you need? He is funneling money and weapons to them, has been all along!

  9. To answer your question, "where are the Republicans in all this?" you have to know that they have most likely been threatened into silence, cooperation or pay offs like the SCOTUS, Justice Roberts, who has a slush fund hidden in the Vatican, who is the keeper of these hush funds for all those willing to go along with the NWO conspiracy. BHO is a Muslim, sent here to take over our govt., preluded by the Bush's terms in office in accordance with their Skull and Bones mentality and oaths, which supercede all other oaths. This is no joke and it is not a theory. One day, when it's too late, maybe you will believe it.

  10. He is blackmailing everyone in the Senate, Congress, House and the Supreme Court. That is why no one can get him impeached. I hope the new President will get his name removed as being President plus most of the new laws he has come up with. He is the biggest joke this country has ever had.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche