Thursday, October 3, 2013

Controversy Surrounds Mitt Romney's Black Grandson

According to reports, Mitt Romney is proud of his 22nd grandchild but few were expecting the hate-filled rhetoric from the left that followed the adoption of a Black child by Romney's son Ben and his daughter-in-law Andelynne.

(The College Conservative) Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney has a new addition to the family, a beautiful baby boy adopted by his son, Ben, and his daughter-in-law, Andelynne.

Like any typically proud grandfather, he made the announcement of his 22nd grandchild to the world via Twitter. But there is one slight problem: Mitt Romney’s grandson is black.

In accordance to the vile diatribe spewed by the Left, rich, white Republicans have no business adopting black babies.
Although Mitt Romney’s run for president has long been over, comments from the Left on the child’s adoption imply that Romney’s family is simply trying to improve his image among black Americans by adopting a black baby.

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  1. Mitt Romney would have saved the nation. Millions chose to not vote for him because of reasons they thought were good and acceptable. As a result of their choice, the nation is saddled with a Muslim enemy in the White House for four years. Will the nation survive? If we do NOT survive we can thank people like those who object to the white family adopting a negro child.

    1. The last 2 elections were stolen-----Voter Fraud!!

    2. Well said Ray Downen !!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Totally off the deep end of the world. Mittens would have totally destroyed the economy

    4. To anonymous about 2 stolen elections.
      I will agree there were 2 stolen elections. Both of Baby Bush's elections were stolen. The Transylvania tea bag republiCONs tried to steal both elections from Obama.

    5. you must be BLACK and a DEMOCRAT because your STUPIDITY shows

  2. My my my !! And the Republicans are the intolerant ones.

  3. why are people who always bash the Republicans anonymous ?

  4. Must be the same communist writing them all, probably Obummer or Dingy Harry.

  5. Romney's son and daughter-in law adopt a black baby... and, well, the child's first name is "Kieren." Which is Gaelic for "Black."

    THAT is what is so f%ck-ed up. You people...

  6. It's the name of the Mother who gave her up, you racist.

    The tea-party was given that name "Teabaggers-are-up, but using that as your user ID supposes you enjoy the act itself.

  7. Seeing all the hate in these comments makes me wonder how America will ever survive. Hate will destroy us. Only by standing together can We The People survive the theft of our freedoms and of our country.

  8. Obama and his minions are the most divisive administration in the history of this nation - he produces class envy, racial hatred , and encourages Enslavement to entitlements on a massive scale -it is his power base; it is evil and it is tearing this country to pieces.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche