Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Top Five Reasons To Oppose ObamaCare

So what is so bad about ObamaCare? Larry Craig, writing for the Western Center for Journalism gives his top five reasons.


1) At a time of record deficits and unsustainable federal debt, the government is committing itself to giving increasing billions of dollars a year to people for health insurance. Our government has no concern about the effects of deficit spending and overall debt on our country. Those in our government who do care are not effectively presenting the case to the American people what the problems are, and the media are not helping.

Very simply put, our economy can (and will) collapse; and the recession of 2008 will be like the good old days. The depression of the 1930s won’t look so bad either.

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  1. If this was worth a flip, they wouldn't have to force it on us. This potus is good at following directions, he's following hitlers' agenda to a tee.

  2. Legislators should not vote for laws or anything that does not apply to Legislators or the government. Pelosi kept saying “vote for the bill & then read it”. That is why it passed. Not that it was a good bill, but they did not know what was in it!!! Legislators don’t want to give up their “Cadillac plan” for health care but they insist it is good for the people, but it is not good enough for them???

    With Obama giving all these exemptions, he has changed the law. You can’t give all of these exemptions to companies and then not to individuals. He exempted unions (because they helped him get elected), the government workers, and other companies that he decides deserves an exemption but he is the only one giving these exemptions, not the legislators, our representatives, who should be the only people who can do this. Obama is a dictator and is doing too much on his own which is part of the 3 departments of government.

    The Republicans in the House have sent a lot of bills to the Senate to solve the countries problems but Harry Reid will not even bring it before the Senate to vote. He has to be afraid that some of the Democrats will vote for it. That is chicken! And Cheating. The Senate and Obama is saying "NO WAY", it is our way or the highway and The Democrats or the President will not sit down with the Republicans to work out the problems. Obama and the Democrats misrepresented Obamacare and claimed that it would save money but it is not! I have a friend who does not get Social Security or Medicare and she has always paid for her health insurance and she was recently advised that her rates are going to double. What part of lower is this?

    The Democrats and Obama have kept from passing a budget for 3 years. They do not want restraints on their spending. Obama does not think that having this large a deficit is no big deal. It is a big deal. Soon other countries are going to devalue the dollar and stop using “dollars” as the currency of trade which will make our currency worthless. What will they do now? I believe that all Legislators that have to do with the budget should not get paid until a budget is passed!!! I also think legislators should take a 30% pay cut to help out with the deficits.

    I just found out that the P.O. has to give the government a percentage of their profit and that is why the Post Office is going bankrupt. These legislators should have never done this. This is unconscionable!

  3. Just another way that this government is helping scammers fleece the public by people calling in and giving there private information to just any one, to please people that are selling something that even they don't even understand.Its hard enough to keep our identity's from being stolen by them selling something as crooked as this.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche