Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hidden ObamaCare Marriage Tax

No one else seems to be talking about it, but here's another reason to hate ObamaCare... namely its hidden tax on marriage, which, according to Robert Rector, can be as high as $10,000 per year... OUCH.

(Heritage) One bizarre feature of the Senate-passed health care bill is its pervasive bias against marriage. Under the bill, couples would face massive financial penalties if they marry or remain married. Conversely, couples who cohabit without marriage are given highly preferential financial treatment. If the Senate bill becomes law, saying "I do" would cost some couples over $10,000 per year.

Most people feel that marriage is a healthful institution that society should encourage and strengthen. Inexplicably, the Senate health care bill takes the opposite approach.

At nearly all age and income levels, the bill profoundly discriminates against married couples, providing far less support to a husband and wife than to a cohabiting couple with the same income. If the bill is enacted, married couples across America will be taxed to provide discriminatory benefits to couples who cohabit, divorce, or never marry.

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  1. Why do thy hide thing if they hide it should automatically thrown out that bull s###

  2. Does this really surprise anyone? The Obama administration is following the game plan of the Bolsheviks when Communism took over in Russia. The Bolsheviks knew that to take over a country, you have to #1 Remove God from society and #2 Destroy the family unit. Does any of this sound familiar? The Obama administration knows that the only way to achieve their "transformation" of America, they must use the same formula. Anyone who has been paying attention over the last 5 years, can clearly see that this is precisely what the B.O. administration has been doing.

    1. You are only too correct! This is also the very same formula used for those persons on Welfare and why so many unwed mothers are listed as the Head of House. In addition, did you know that those persons who qualify for Section-8 housing are subject to eviction...if they attend college or a technical school?? It is true. Our government does NOT want our Citizens to work toward financial responsibility, any more than they want Citizens to be married. I never thought that I would live to see this change from our founding principles, breaks my heart!!


Posted By: Chris Carmouche