Monday, September 2, 2013

[Video] Dem. Senator Vows Never To Repeal ObamaCare

People applauded at this town hall meeting when a questioner called this U.S. Senator on the carpet, but he drew a line in the sand.

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  1. this guy needs to go

  2. All dumbocrats need to go.

  3. If obamacare is so wonderful why has so many waivers been given?

    Why has congress been exempted?

    Why is there so much contempt for government?

  4. He made one statement that shows what is wrong with our government. He stated that he supports what he supports, that isn't what he was elected for. He is elected to represent the people, we don't care how he feel, he should be voting for what the majority ask him to do. How is this representing "the people" if he is voting on his beliefs. Maybe we should have a vote, put s==t like this on a ballot. It couldn't cost anymore than what it will cost us in the long run.

  5. AK residents do the rest of the nation a favor and throw this bum out, he's too self serving and that's not why he occupies public office.

  6. Then the audience and the good people of Ak should vow never to re-elect this man.

  7. This Congressman deserves to be defeated at the next election. He is just another example for why we do not have a representative government. He does not represent the people that he swore to represent and to defend the Constitution.
    "Kick him out of office!" We need Statesmen! We have to many Politicians who are only concerned with winning reelection! It is past time that the American People stand up and elect Statesmen who love our country and will fully represent the people.

  8. get rid of the liberals, send them to canada, hang them for treason


Posted By: Chris Carmouche