Friday, September 6, 2013

New Law Bars Business Owners Who Do No Accomodate Cross-Dressers

It just happened right here in the good ol' USA. This city just passed a law prohibiting companies from doing business if they do not accept and accommodate cross dressers.

(One News Now) By an 8-3 vote Thursday afternoon, the San Antonio City Council approved a controversial anti-discrimination ordinance which not only protects homosexuals but provides special rights for transgendered people.

In addition, business owners who take a faith-based stance against the lifestyles will be barred from doing business with the city.

In live coverage on local KENS TV, council member Ivy Taylor, who is a Christian, suggested Christians have a right to stand on their values.

"I have sacrificed a lot to serve in this role on city council, but I will not sacrifice my core values and beliefs for political gain or to be in alignment with a particular platform," she stated. "And if that was the expectation for me as a black woman, [you’ve] got the wrong sister in this seat."

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1 comment:

  1. I thought San Antonio was in Texas? Sounds like it`s in California, somewhere around San Francisco or Holly Wood-- What`s with San Antonio -- not the first incidence of intolerance towards Christian principles! Is this city run by homosexual democrats?


Posted By: Chris Carmouche