Friday, September 6, 2013

Glenn Beck Says Share This Video With Your Friends

Warning, this video is extremely graphic but it makes you wonder because Obama and his Progressive Republicans cohorts are dead set on enabling the savages in this video.

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  1. The rebels are also killing Christians and burning Chuches. At least with Assad was in firm control, the 10% Christian population was allowed to live in peace. But Beck is correct, no matter what intervention our Military does, Islamics will go back to killing each other. That's their culture. Not one American life risked to help the rebels is worth it.

    1. You are absolutely right but with Obama dictating corrupt politicians they might as well approve the aiding of the barbarians/murderers/savages/puppets of Allah rebels. Syria will become another Iraq or Libya or if AlQaeda controls Egypt then Syria will become another Egypt.

  2. I dont care what Mr. Obama wants to say he has suspended, Giving AID and or COMFORT to a known enemy of the state during a time of war is still treaon and the war on drugs declared by Congress aimed at the U.S. Citizenry is in and of itself and act of treason that has never ended. A majority of our Goverment Need to be held accountable for that Ilegal Money Pit!
    And as for Assad, I can see his perspective and find no repute given by OUR Goverment to His assertion that it is the Brain child of the C.I.A. that is the perpetrator of all this chaos...


Posted By: Chris Carmouche