Saturday, September 21, 2013

Democrat Walkout During Testimony From Benghazi Victims’ Families

As the parent of a Benghazi-gate victim testified before Congress, these members of Congress simply walked out of the room. As Hillary Clinton said: "What difference does it make?"


(Western Journalism) Fifteen U.S. Representatives, either through an organized protest or spur-of-the-moment walkout, added yet another insult to the incredible heartache of burying a loved one.

Their unwillingness to even hear what these parents had to say suggests a continuing desire to downplay the significance of that attack. The American people join the Benghazi victims and their families in demanding answers.

The government’s secretive nature as it relates to the attack only furthers the assumption of negligence on the part of Barack Obama and the State Department during and after the embassy slaughter.

Through their actions, these heartless members of Congress sent the same message as Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”

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  1. Walking out before parents of Benghazi atrocity had a chance to testify was shameless....pretty much in keeping with the behavior of the these socialist pigs. That's only a small preview of what is to come if Hilary becomes president. She should be classified as a murderous felon and not qualified to run for prez. Make America a Hilary-free Zone!!!

  2. Why is ANYONE in the least bit surprised by the behavior of these cretans......

    The committee chair should have called the Capitol Police to round them up and sit their fat behinds back in their chairs...............

    Call it "Tough 'LOVE' for a bunch of spoiled babies.

    Carol Platt Liebau has supplied a list of the names of these loosers.....PLEASE.....feel FREE to contact them........then do everything possible to have them FIRED in next year's elections......they are ALL up in 2014.

  3. You can find Ms Liebau's piece on Townhall, yesterday's edition on line.

  4. Arrest Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Radham Clinton and send both of them to jail. Confiscate all the money that they stoled from the American people. Let them pay the lives of the 4 Ameicans that they killed in Benghazi. Confiscate all the money that BO had been paying his fellow Muslim Brotherhood and the American tax payer's money he is sending through his terrorist brother who lives in Egypt if not Syria. Obama, Hillary, and all their cronies in the White House are all evil monsters.They don't deserve a penny from the American tax payer's.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche