Friday, August 16, 2013

[Video] Marine Colonel: Government Building A Domestic Army

This Marine Corp Colonel speaks out at a local council meeting in Concord, New Hampshire about the militarization of our police forces...

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  1. It should be obvious to all that Obama's agencies are being armed in preparation for a takeover of all parts of the nation.

  2. There comes a special moment in everyone's life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission — a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour. 
  ~ Winston Churchill

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms
    is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson

  3. and right now with this Administration who has BROKEN his SWORN OATH of OFFICE and The LAWS of the CONSTITUTION & The BILL OF RIGHTS and The LEGAL LAWS on the BOOKS and his slapped CONGRESS in the FACE & instituted 1000s of ILLEGAL POLICIES & LAWS DESTROYED the ECONOMY of this GREAT COUNTRY ENSLAVED the LOFO people to entitlements & FreeBies which the TAXPAYERS have to pay for we see before us a TYRANICAL GOVT of the first water.

  4. In 2008 Obama said he wanted a civilian force as well equipped and well funded as the military. I guess that is one more promise he's keeping.

  5. "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt which knew not Joseph" Joseph was a type of Jesus, the USA is anti-typical Goshen the most fruitful land in Egypt-the world, Obama was appointed by Jesus to rule because this country has rejected Him and chosen Lucifer, Obama no more knows Jesus than did Pharaoh anciently ; there is slavery coming to this nation even as Pharaoh did anciently to Israel and there is an exodus coming even as Jesus did to Pharaoh anciently and it will be from all nations not just the USA but the USA is principally where the 144,000 are they are the remnant from all the corrupt churches who have embraced the religion of Egypt once they are sealed ( the anti-typical blood over the door post ) they will escape the slaughter of the death Angel passing through Egypt (read Ezekiel 9 the marking there is the same as the sealing in Revelation 7) once they are sealed they will be un-stoppable and un-killable read Joel 2 they will be greater than Moses and stronger than Samson, all the prophecies of both the old and new testaments center around the formation of the 144,000 every promise ever uttered by Jesus to Israel shall be fulfilled in them they will reap a great multitude out of all nations and Babylon shall fall...."Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho" for it is the capital of the racist black soviet state in the south established by the communists through the bisexual communists MLK and Malcom X they have slaughter prepared for white (Semitic ) people for white people have been used by Jesus primarily to establish Christianity in the earth from the days of Shem down through Abraham, Isaac, Israel and finally the 120 disciples on the day of Pentecost all of Semitic descent, and they are the type for the 144,000 from all twelve tribes, the sealing will begin sometime during the middle of this soon coming WW 3 neither the 144,000 nor the great multitude of revelation 7:9 will never die they are the two classes of people typified by Elijah and Enoch who never tasted death they will be alive at the second coming of Jesus

  6. obamacare is nothing more than a front for the smart card which contains the biometric identifier within the card there is a glitch (identity theft) designed into the card and it is just a further front for the implantable biometric chip either in the right hand or the fore head which is a further front for Sunday worship ie.. Sun worship ie..Baal worship Sunday is not nor ever was nor ever will be the Sabbath day it is Lucifer's counterfeit established by Lucifer through Nimrod anciently who built Babylon and the Tower which became a type for the current one-world government Ethiopia was Nimrod's father; Canaan and Mizraim (Egypt) were Ethiopia's brothers ;Phillistim was the grandson of Mizraim (Egypt) Cannibalism is a composite of two Coptic words Kanna - Baal , Priest of Baal Nimrod established Baal worship in the earth back when the sons of Ham ie.. blacks ruled the earth after the flood- Sodom ,Gomorrah ,Admah Zeboim and Zoar were all inhabited by Canaanites before it was destroyed by the Angels the homosexuals tried to gang rape that valley that was once as the garden of God for beauty is now known as the Sea of the Dead the lowest point on this entire planet where nothing lives or grows there, those same angels are the same ones who sang in the heavens at Jesus's birth they are currently on this earth and in this nation and they are sent here for only one reason and the mandate given to them by Jesus is irrevocable many of the gays and lesbians in this nation of which Obama is chief, will not be granted repentance for they have passed the line of mercy with the Holy Spirit and this war and subsequent destruction is coming very rapidly...the "great and dreadful day" is rapidly approaching it shall be great for the righteous and dreadful for the wicked.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche