Friday, August 16, 2013

Is The Muslim Brotherhood Blackmailing Barack Obama?

(Walid Shoebat) If the details of an interview with the son of one of those imprisoned leaders is any indication, we may be getting closer to answering that question.

We caution that the following be taken with a grain of salt but considering who said it, we thought it newsworthy too. Here is a direct translation of the key points, followed by some analysis:

"In an interview with the Anatolia News Agency, Saad Al-Shater, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader, the detained Khairat Al-Shater, said that his father had in his hand evidence that will land the head of United States of America, president Obama, in prison. He stressed that the senior U.S. delegation currently visiting Egypt, knows full well that the fate, future, interests and reputation of their country is in the hands of his father, and they know that he owns the information, documents and recordings that incriminate and would condemn their country. Such documents, he says, were placed in the hands of people who were entrusted inside and outside Egypt, and that the release of his father is the only way for them to prevent a great catastrophe. He stated that a warning was sent threatening to show how the U.S. administration was directly connected. The evidence was sent through intermediaries which caused them to change their attitude and corrected their position and that they have taken serious steps to prove good faith. Saad also said that his father’s safety is more important to the Americans than is the safety of Mohammed Mursi."

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  1. barak obama could tell the American people what is going on and at least go out with somewhat of a cleansing and his life in America would not be such a loss for those who have had faith in his administration. Barak Obama owes those who cared about him the effort to make things right. It is unconscionable, if this is true, that he would allow them to blackmail him and a land of people who cared enough to put him into the Presidency. He owes them that.

  2. Bring it on! If this story has any truth, America and the world needs to know now. In the end, the TRUTH will prevail. The liar in the White House will be exposed.

  3. In order to ever get the truth from Obama there are 3 things he needs to have, a conscience, a soul and some integrity, none of which Obama possesses.

  4. What about a water board ?

  5. I don't think they have to blackmail him, he is in bed with them.

  6. Before the ousting of Morsi, Obama secretly gave 8 billion taxpayer dollars to the muslim brotherhood in a deal for Egypt to "give" a large piece of the Sinai to Hamas! The Egyptian military is now in possession of the documents that prove this treason. Will they use it to take Obama down or use it to blackmail him?

  7. I BELIEVE THIS STORY!!!! If he bows to any "request or demand of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, WE WILL KNOW IT IS TRUE BECAUSE HE WILL BE TRYING TO SAVE HIS A$%. THE Muslim Brotherhood visited, stayed at the White House for about 3 months (a year or so ago) and supposedly advising him on the Middle East problems.
    The Radical Muslim Terrorist in the White House destroying America was raised and is MUSLIM. After a meeting with a MUSLIM DIPLOMAT and he thought the cameras had stopped rolling, but they had not, HE SAID..."WHEN THE GOING GETS ROUGH, I WILL STAND BESIDE THE MUSLIMS. I AM MUSLIM". The video ran on many news orgs. on the computer but it soon disappeared.
    I have constantly said that the Radical Muslim Terrorist in the White House is handing America over to his family the Muslims. He came to America to destroy it and control it as a Radical Islamic, Communist, Nazi, and Marxist country. He is so insane with the insane, murderous ideologies that he wants to incorporate all of them into ONE NARCISSISTIC, PSYCHO-PATHIC REGIME OF TOTAL INSANITY. HE should be arrested, cuffed, chained, prosecuted, sent to Gitmo and put in solitary confinement and face the FIRING SQUAD within a week for TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA. He has destroyed AMERICA INTENTIONALLY. HE IGNORES THE CONSTITUTION AND THINKS HE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Congress should have stopped him during the first term but instead aids and abets him. They do nothing to stop this criminal thug or anything to help America by protecting Americans who they are supposed to be protecting. They should be fired, asap and go down with the criminal thug. They certainly do not earn their salaries and that is theft of money unearned. Hope the Muslim Brotherhood rats this thug out!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!



Posted By: Chris Carmouche