Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Regime Sucking Up Supplies Of Ammo

No, we're not just re-cycling an old story. The federal government is still sucking up the available supply of ammo and this time around, TSA is the culprit...


(WND) The website reports that the TSA is seeking to purchase nearly 3.5 million rounds of .347 SIG caliber training ammunition. Weapons experts told WND the .347 is an unknown caliber, and the document likely contained a mistake, instead intending to reference a .357 caliber.

The agency’s workers mostly are unarmed, with the primary exception being the federal air marshals who travel aboard airliners to deter and respond to violence, hijackings and terrorism.

There are no firm numbers available on the number of agents, but experts estimate there are several thousand. The planned purchase, then, would give the agency the availability of nearly 10,000 rounds per day for "training."

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  1. from what I have seen on the quality of personnel of the TSA this is a piece of cake....

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Posted By: Chris Carmouche