Monday, August 26, 2013

Are You On Obama's NSA Snoop List?

"Edward Snowden didn’t have a clue. The revelations that forced him to flee the country are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to what the NSA has been up to."

That's the contention of the Western Center for Journalism: "Reports from media outlets like The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal have added context and detail that far eclipses the slime exposed by Snowden."

"As a result, it looks like Congress will start taking its oversight of the NSA seriously."

"'It appears the Obama Administration has seriously abused the authority granted to them by Congress,' Senior Senator Jim Inhofe, R-OK, told Capitol Hill Daily. 'Just yesterday, we learned that thousands of Americans' emails have been seized without any ties to security threats.'"

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  1. There remain many employees working for NSA spying on their countrymen. Snowden is a hero for choosing not to be a part of it, those who remain should be shot for treason and the building in Utah bulldozed, then offer the land for sale to Trump.

  2. Snowden merely removed all doubt that the NSA is spying on US citizens. More to find out those who do not support Obama. I most probably on their hit list because so many of my emails have the following: ,l,, tax payer tea party conservative


Posted By: Chris Carmouche