Sunday, July 1, 2012

Video: The ObamaCare Song: Will You Still Need Me When I'm 64 Mr. Obama?

A truly hidden gem; it's hard to believe that this delightfully funny video parody only has slightly over 700 views on YouTube. Maybe we can all do something to fix that. Sung to the tune of The Beatles' 'When I'm 64,' the balladeer sings; "Obama won't need me, Obama won't feed me, when I'm 64?" Ain't that the truth? --Warning: This Video Contains Some R-Rated Language--

The fight to repeal ObamaCare is far from over. It can be done. And if you believe humor is a valuable weapon in our arsenal that will aid us in bringing ObamaCare down, then watch this video and forward it to your friends. If you like this video, by the way, you'll really love 'The Obummer Song'.

When I Get Older
Need My Healthcare
Many Years From Now
I Know I Won't Be Covered By ObamaCare
Get A Hip Replacement? ...

You get the idea. Don't be shocked if you find yourself singing along.


  1. Thanks for the warning about offensive language. Personally, I'll skip it. Fine with me if it stays at around 700 views. Too bad so much has to be, in my opinion, ruined by offensive language.

  2. If the POS in the WH goes for another 4 year run....the USA is DONE....!! WAKE UP America.....put the "garbage" where it belongs in.....the dump....!!!

  3. Yeah getting a hip replacement may help you out but be sure to have hip replacement lawyer.

  4. I guess this Hip Recall issue has been talked about by many now.

  5. Wouldn't anyone agree that Because of the depuy asr hip, depuy recalls. Period.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche