Sunday, January 15, 2012

Solyndra Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Solyndra is just the tip of the iceberg. According to a report from left-wing CBS News, the Obama Department of Energy handed over at least 6.5 billion in our hard-earned tax dollars to so-called "clean energy" companies that have already filed for bankruptcy or are in the process of going down the tubes.

Five have already filed for bankruptcy: Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, Spectra Watt, AES, AES, and Solyndra.

Several others are not far behind; Nevada Geo Thermo (NGP), personally endorsed by Harry Reid, was the recipient of 98.5 million in loan guarantees. Sun Power received 1.5 billion after a French oil company took it over, and now owes more than it is worth. First Solar receive 3 billion in loans even though the CEO was forced out.

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  1. I know that and it is sad that he has gotten away with so much and NOBODY seems to want to come up to the plate and do something about this thief and STOP him from continuing the from happening it is like everyone is afraid of him somehow.

    1. You mean like how Cheney and Halliburton bilked the American taxpayer for billions for an unjust war, not a loan mind you, and got over 5000 American soldiers killed?

    2. The Iraq War didn't exactly turn out in the best way, but at least SOMETHING was gained - one of the worst regimes in the history of the world (Saddam) is now gone forever. Meanwhile, we have ZERO to show for all this money the government wasted on these questionable green energy companies.

      This appears to be as much about green energy as it is a scam to send government money to politicians' friends and relatives. For instance, Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law landed over $700 million to build a solar plant in the desert; he's a prominent stakeholder in the project. How many of these other companies that got taxpayer money have politicians' friends and relatives in them? I'll bet the majority of them!

      The Libertarians are right when they argue that the Constitution in no way authorizes the government to hand out money to whomever it sees fit. It's not a bank and the tax money it takes in should be for its own operations, not other companies. If these businesses need money, they need to be going to banks and getting loans on their own and at their own risk. If this doesn't stop and the American people don't wake up, we're all toast.


Posted By: Chris Carmouche