Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Calls Illegal Aliens 'Pilgrims'

The Pope was very careful not to push messages concerning abortion and so-called "gay marriage" with Barack Obama, but that didn't stop His Holiness from talking about what he apparently believes are more pressing issues...

(National Review) "The Church in the United States knows like few others the hopes present in the hearts of these 'pilgrims.'... Offer them the warmth of the love of Christ and you will unlock the mystery of their heart. I am certain that, as so often in the past, these people will enrich America and its Church."

The U.S. bishops wasted no time in using the pope’s remarks to press President Obama’s team on abortion. When Secretary of State John Kerry took to Twitter to hail Francis's, "call to resolve disputes through diplomacy, address #climatechange and protect the vulnerable in our world," they replied immediately.

"Agree, John. @Pontifex reassures all of us that Catholic teachings have always treasured human life from its very beginning," the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops tweeted. — Joel Gehrke is a political reporter for National Review...

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