Monday, September 7, 2015

Kim Davis' Lawyer Says: Judge Intended To Jail Her From The Get-Go

Judge David Bunning knew he was going to send Kim Davis to jail from the get-go. So say's Kim Davis' attorney and his reasoning is rock solid ...

(NewsMax) Staver, Davis' lawyer, is skeptical that Bunning ever even considered a fine – even though the gay couples seeking the original injuction against Davis specifically requested a fine and not jail time.

The temporary injunction ended at the end of the day August 31, Staver said, and at 10:30 the next morning a motion for contempt was filed. Bunning set a 1 p.m. hearing, allowing only a five-page response, when the rules allow for 20 pages.

When the hearing was held 48 hours later, Bunning already had the jailer – who had to travel from another county – in the courtroom ready to take Davis into custody.

"Then when he read he was going to confine her, he read from a prepared statement he had already written, and didn't give civil penalties at a graduated rate," Staver said. Jailing Davis was the judge's intent "from the very beginning," Staver said...

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