Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kasich Calls GOP Voters Stupid

You know it's the beginning of the end for a candidate when he starts to explain away his vacillations by telling the voters that doing the prudent and right thing is "not smart"...

(NewsMax) Ohio Gov. John Kasich says that while he would like to see Planned Parenthood lose its federal funding he sees no point in some Republicans' plans to shut down the government unless they can be assured of success.

"I was involved in the shutdown in the '90s, but as a result of that, we got a federally balanced budget 'cause we kind of knew that there were a number of people in the Clinton administration that believed it needed to be done," Kasich, a former congressman and current GOP presidential candidate said on "Fox News Sunday."

But President Barack Obama has promised to veto any defunding of Planned Parenthood, and Republicans don't have enough votes for an override, Kasich said...

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