Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why Obama Should Cancel Dinner With Chinese President Xi Jinping

Longtime conservative activist and leader, Gary Bauer, makes a very valid point. Why is Barack Obama hosting an official state dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping when other world leaders, like Bibi Neyanyahu and the Dali Lama, given the shaft by the Obama Regime?...

(American Values) Chinese President Xi Jinping is coming to Washington next month for a state visit. Part of that trip will involve an official state dinner at the White House.

If we had a president who understood that the world’s thugs are constantly taking the measure of America’s strength, or lack thereof, he would either cancel the invitation or send a very clear message about how he handled the visit.

For example, Obama could bring the Chinese leader in through the back door, past the White House trash, the same way he did to the Dali Lama. He could not provide a state dinner, leave Xi and go upstairs to have dinner with his family like he reportedly did to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He could cancel the state visit entirely...

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