Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hildebeast Strikes Back...

She's not going quietly into that good night and she's hoping a move to the hard left will save her candidacy...

(Guardian) Not so long ago, Hillary Clinton supporters’ main concern seemed to be a fear that her coronation as the Democratic candidate for president would leave her unprepared for battle with the Republican nominee.

Now, by all metrics, the former secretary of state retains a historically strong lead in the race to secure her party’s nomination. She is well ahead of the other declared candidates in terms of poll numbers, money and endorsements. But a succession of setbacks and the possibility of another mainstream rival joining the race has, to some degree, checked the presumptive-ness of the presumptive candidate.

This was a week that started out on a high note, with the rollout of Clinton’s college affordability plan, a policy prescription driven in large part by the party’s progressives...

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