Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rush Spills The Beans On Megyn Kelly

In case you missed it and you're wondering who gave the order to Fox News' Megyn Kelly to kneecap Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh offers his opinion on the matter...

(WND) Who won the great debate? According to the mainstream media, the winner was... Fox News. According to Rush Limbaugh, the loser was... Fox News. At least, in the sense that the network may have blown its credibility with conservatives. And Limbaugh said he saw it coming.

"Everybody should have known this was gonna happen," he said. "This is presidential politics, and Republican candidates are where media people score their points. It's where they build their careers. It's where they establish their credentials."

The conservative talk-radio giant saw another motivation for the moderators' attack-dog tactics. He said GOP bigwigs ordered Fox to take out Trump...

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